Dockwise’s new semi-submersible Vanguard lives up to its name and leads from the front

A unique ship creates its own market. This certainly applies to the Dockwise Vanguard. The semi-submersible transport vessel was brought into service in early 2013 and has gotten off to a promising start. Two mega transport contracts were added to the portfolio even before the ship was taken into service and six more contracts were acquired until August 2014.

The Vanguard was designed for deployment in the offshore industry, to transport the increasingly heavy constructions for oil and gas platforms.

Jaap Meij, Vice President Sales Offshore Projects, says: “The existing Heavy Lift offering in the market was an obstacle to the growth and size of offshore constructions. The Dockwise Vanguard allows us to remove this barrier by making the integrated construction of platforms a possibility for our clients. So rather than having the lower part built in Korea and the top structure in America, the entire platform can be built wherever in the world this can be done most efficiently. The Vanguard has the capability to transport large, integrated structures dry onboard, something that was previously not possible. What’s more, we are also able to transport extremely long sections thanks to the Vanguard’s open bow and stern construction. In addition, the Vanguard can sail 50% faster than large ocean-going tugs; this frees up time to complete the construction of parts at the yard or to get down to work sooner at the installation site. The environmental impact from emissions is also almost 50% lower. Moreover, faster and dry transport means a lower risk premium for the transport, cutting clients’ insurance expenses by nearly 15%.” Dockwise is eyeing a new market segment for the Vanguard: the dry-docking, both at the quayside and offshore, and transportation of FPSOs. “The advantage for the client is that such a platform will be back in production sooner than with conventional dry-docking. Last summer the Vanguard was already used in a dry-dock repair in Malta for a semi-submersible oil platform at the quayside.”

Quayside dry-docking and offshore platform installation

For more information on the Vanguard please watch the animation Discover the Dockwise Vanguard.

Discover the Dockwise Vanguard

Study into a second ultra large transport vessel

At the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston (USA) in May this year Boskalis announced that it has started a study into a new ultra large V-class Heavy Marine Transport Vessel (HTV).

The Dockwise Vanguard has been well received in the market. Our decision to start this study is a reflection of this and we see many more exciting opportunities in the FPSO and FLNG markets.

Peter Berdowski, CEO Boskalis
Next generation V-class vessel

The study addresses both the market opportunities and the technical requirements for the new vessel. Boskalis will engage with clients to understand how this vessel can accommodate the expected growth in the FPSO and FLNG markets in addition to the ocean-going transport of outsized heavy marine structures. Compared to the Dockwise Vanguard, the new vessel will be larger in terms of length, breadth and carrying capacity but will also have a bowless design and asymmetric accommodation.